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Men of the new generation are passionate about the fashion of underwear. This is fully justified by the modern lifestyle, which requires a lot of activity from the stronger sex, which means that the underwear should be comfortable. Even world-class celebrities are involved in the design of this delicate wardrobe category. A striking example is Cristiano Ronaldo's underpants.

The Portuguese football star has personally created his collection with maximum physical exertion in mind. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the CR7 briefs are not just compliance with refined taste, but the maximum consideration for comfort and practicality.

About CR7 products

Our designs associated with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo: underwear, trunks, sports pajamas are authentic items presented by the CR7 clothing brand at the best prices in Kiev. Underpants, T-shirts and socks were the beginning of a long journey to shirts and shoes. But lingerie continues to be updated in new collections.

There is no doubt about the quality of the products, the brand from Denmark JBS Textile Group and Richard Chai, a designer from the USA, take part in its development. The lineup is very diverse and meets the basic principle of Cristiano: quality built on timeless classics.

On our virtual site, you can buy men's shorts CR7 in strict black and white tones, as well as sets in tricolor and with prints, since the football player himself loves bright colors and interesting compositions.

  1. For skinny jeans, for jogging and for suits, Ronaldo's briefs are best suited, which you can buy from our catalog. This style, more like swimming trunks, does not create discomfort when walking, does not hinder movement. A man in them will look beautiful in a romantic meeting.
  2. In the gym or on the beach, CR7 boxers look more appropriate. The author of the idea prefers tight cuts using only natural cotton stretch fabrics, which should "look expensive, but not flashy."

The athlete claims that in a new occupation he finds the opportunity to realize his creative abilities, therefore he puts his whole soul into his brainchild.

The responsible partner for the sale of branded products from a famous football player was chosen by YamamaY, which is represented in Ukraine by our online store YamamaY Ukraine. Here you can buy CR7 on favorable terms. For orders over UAH 2000, the courier will deliver the parcel free of charge, and the first visitors are given a 10% discount.