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Medium boardshorts
Medium boardshorts
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T-shirt Passepartout
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Stylish men's beachwear

Men's beachwear is more conservative than women's. Despite this, every year manufacturers offer many new styles, colors and design lines. Thanks to the creative approach to manufacturing, men's beachwear looks fashionable and modern, despite the classic shape.

Choose and buy beach shorts and men's swimming trunks

Before you buy beach shorts, there are some guidelines for choosing them. In this case, the material requires special attention - it should not be natural, since natural fabrics allow moisture to pass through. In the manufacture of swimwear, preference is given to polyamide, polyester, lycra and elastane. Such materials, even in a white shade, will not lose brightness after contact with salt water and sunlight.

In order to make a successful order of beach swimming trunks in the online store, you must first decide on the size. If in the process of choosing there are doubts about the models of swimming trunks of the same brand, but in different sizes, it is better to give preference to the one that is smaller. Due to the fact that manufacturers use artificial materials, the products are characterized by elasticity. Beach shorts, in turn, should be loose and not constricting, so as not to hinder the movement of a man during rest.

Small elements - a belt, pockets, lining - play an important role in the selection of swimwear. High-quality tailoring of products provides for the evenness and accuracy of all lines and stitches. By visiting our website, you can buy men's swimming trunks for swimming, as well as beach shorts from the well-known European manufacturer Yamamay at attractive prices and with the possibility of fast delivery across Ukraine.

Which swimming trunks to buy this year?

Since summer has already begun, designers have prepared a series of guidelines for choosing beachwear. Studying the assortment, you should pay attention to the models in white, blue, red and black colors. They are considered classic and can be worn for several seasons in a row.

There is also a distinctive trend - products in a specific color, which depict symmetrical stripes in different color shades, this contributes to the creation of a light holiday mood.

Beachwear in Kyiv from the online store "Yamamay"

On our website you can find many beach products from a well-known Italian brand at a bargain price. The assortment is regularly updated and adjusted, depending on the preferences of buyers. Benefits of cooperation with our online store:

  • big choice;
  • friendly service;
  • affordable cost;
  • fast delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine.

If you have any doubts during the selection process, we suggest contacting the managers. They will answer all your questions and help you choose the right model in accordance with your figure and wishes. For communication, use the contact information listed on the site, or fill out the form. You can also visit one of our actual stores in Kyiv and Odessa.