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Medium boardshorts Italian Lido
Medium boardshorts Italian Lido

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Stylish classics of branded men's underwear

If with lingerie everything is clear: the more lace and bright colors, seductive style - the better, then with the purchase of men's underwear a real quest.

Modern lingerie fashion offers the stronger sex provocative options and unusual shades. But a universal and win-win solution is to buy men's underwear from Italian brands. It is Italian designers who for decades have a reputation as the best designers of men's underwear. After all, they successfully beat the fashion trends and classic colors of the basic men's wardrobe. It is the Italian lingerie manufacturers who know more than anyone how important comfort is for a man in any weather outside.

Therefore, in the range of Italian men's underwear the emphasis is on natural cotton and satin. Wide rubber bands on the belt prevent the laundry from rolling or twisting. Therefore, even under the tightest jeans, a man will be 100% confident in himself and his choice - Italian underwear.

Assortment of men's underwear

Italian underwear for men in the online store is represented by goods:

  • boxer briefs elongated. High-quality cotton fabrics, free cut and neutral colors - these are the advantages of this model. Add a wide elastic band and double caress, and you will get men's Yamamai briefs, which will be comfortable in any weather and in any clothing;
  • briefs CR7 is a legendary model of men's briefs with the brand inscription "Cristiano Ronaldo" on a wide elastic band. The composition of the fabric - 95% cotton and 5% elastin guarantee practicality for everyday life and comfort in any weather. And the cut in the form of shortened boxers will be appreciated by men of any age and physique;
  • briefs in black, gray and black with a light pattern - the choice of those who love an active life, full of sports and events. In such men's underwear made of natural fabric, nothing will restrict your movements. And the stylish version will fit equally well under a business suit, favorite jeans or on a run;
  • a set of T-shirts with short sleeves - the basic model of any men's wardrobe. The rounded collar is invisible under the neckline of sweaters and shirts, and the moderately fitting silhouette does not restrict movement;
  • men's pajamas. Comfortable textiles will envelop a man with care, will allow to feel stylish and relaxed on rest and at home;
  • beach clothes. It is easy to look stylish, fashionable and bright on vacation if you choose options for bathing shorts and swimming trunks from the Italian brand. Polyester beachwear with medium length, comfortable cut and bright prints can be worn on the beach, in the pool or even as a summer ensemble, complemented by a solid color T-shirt.

The entire range of Yamamai store is selected to create a basic wardrobe. T-shirts go well with shorts, and beach shorts are easily complemented by standard plain T-shirts. The practical cut and wide dimensional grid guarantee the opportunity to choose a version of the underwear that fits perfectly on a low, high, slender or full figure.

Choose men's boxer briefs in the online store

Before you buy men's underwear, study the dimensional grid, which is presented in the description of each product. And if you have additional questions about the size or want to clarify the availability of a particular model, the consultants will provide comprehensive information.

You can pay for your favorite product in a way convenient for you by arranging a delivery option by mail. And if you are in Kyiv, then choose self-pickup from Yamamai brand stores.